Additional Highlights


Marvefxgroup focuses on yearly advancements in its environmental efficiency. Many of our offices adhere to strict sustainability standards for sustainability, including water use and waste management, as they are LEED or ISO 14001 certified green buildings.

We continuously seek for new approaches to improve water efficiency in our workplaces. In connection with the elimination of raw water tanks in the Henley, England facility, we installed Waterblades water reduction devices in the restrooms in 2021. Due to the low office occupancy in 2021, it is challenging to estimate the size of the reduction brought on by these initiatives.

Marvefxgroup completed a baseline evaluation of single-use plastics in 2021 to further minimize waste in our offices, and in 2023, we want to remove or reduce these plastics where it is practical to do so. Along with recycling programs for standard items like aluminum, glass, and paper, many of our offices also have programs for batteries, e-waste, and other items.

Due to more workers working remotely in 2020 and 2021, our water use and garbage generation were much lower than in previous years.


*Critical Information:

  • Where accessible, actual data (such as utility bills, invoices, and meter readings) is used. To give a complete data set, estimates and assumptions have been made where there are data gaps.
  • Due to increased data availability at data centers, the amount of water data in 2021 has greatly decreased.
  • The calculations for the waste emissions statistics for 2019 and 2020 are based on spend proxies.
  • Data on waste emissions for 2021 are based on consumption statistics.