We have created a system with four major to make these ideas a reality

  • Increase staff diversity Talent stems from a variety of human traits and skills.
  • Serving a range of market needs Requires utilizing our diversity, which is essential for the success of our customers.
  • Embracing an inclusive cultureAcross the entire organization will help us to improve our inclusive workplace.
  • Support our communities To have a positive effect on the communities where we live and work, we must support them.


  • Chances to learn and develop
  • In order to cover the cost of approved business-related education and training, we nudge our employees to put their money into long-term professional development. And so, in order to assist people in obtaining on-the-job training and support, we provide unofficial advice from managers and partners.

  • Representation of clients
  • We are aware that changing policy presents a significant opportunity for improvement. The Marvefxgroup Office of Legal and Administrative Affairs encourages the creation of ethical regulations aimed at assisting people in realizing their financial aspirations.

    We train legislators, regulators, and senior branch officials at the international, state, regional, and local levels in our capacity as facilitators. On proposed legal and policy changes affecting investors, we offer our well-informed opinion. We also inform our staff members and clients about the significant part they can play in the formulation of public policy.

  • Involving our staff
  • We must go beyond simply fostering talent and career paths in order to support our employees' success. We're creating a diverse, connected company by empowering employees to celebrate their similarities and shared interests.

  • Putting employee health first
  • The welfare of the workforce is still a concern for MFG. We have developed a thorough, all-encompassing strategy that offers competitive advantages, promotes learning and career development, and enhances monetary, physical, and mental well-being. We want to improve the MFG as a place to work and make it more representative of the neighborhood where we live.

Obtaining your belief

Our choices significantly affect the financial services sector as a whole. Enhancing our integrity and legitimacy is the foundation for the trust we earn from the community and from our clients. We are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards.

We take seriously our obligation to our shareholders. Each general voting share of Marvefxgroup entitles the holder to one vote at shareholders' meetings. Voting options for shareholders include mail, phone, online, and in-person.

Regionally and nationally, people have taken notice of our distinctive culture and methodology.

Customer service

Through custom education sessions, we meet our clients' needs for financial education content in their communities, including women and LGBTQ+ people.


As Marvefxgroup products and online information are developed, our user experience team is working to make sure that anyone can access it without paying attention to the skills.

Industry education

In order to maximize progress within the industry, we also educate our network of Registered Financial Advisers (RIAs) on the best D&I practices.

Setting and achieving goals

When we say we care about our customers, it's not just a catchy phrase. We have that as our foundation. We believe investing has the potential to transform lives.

This is why we take an active interest in regulatory and legal issues that have a direct impact on our clients' ability to achieve their financial goals or our ability to provide them with the kind of service they deserve.

Civic 50 is a business that prioritizes the community.

Marvefxgroup has been listed among the 100 American public-focused companies by Points of Light since 2019. The award recognizes how much Marvefxgroup uses resources for public consultation, how it prioritizes important business and volunteer activities, how it supports the community through organizational policies, and how it assesses the economic and social effects of community programs, thereby earning sustainable dividends for its clients.

The HRC Foundation is a prominent organization that promotes LGBTQ equality.

Since 2018, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index, which honors businesses based on LGBTQ equality, has given Marvefxgroup a score of 92.

Providing for our communities

The year 2020 has demonstrated the complexity of society in many ways. The need for help is greater than ever due to the COVID-19 epidemic, natural disasters, and racial and gender inequality. A comprehensive platform for all volunteer, gift-making, and grant-making activities, MFG Gives Back was introduced in 2019. We want the MFG staff to have more free time so they can interact with and serve the community. Because of this, we create opportunities for integrated service and provide paid overtime benefits through our Service Day plan.

Fostering racial and gender equality

The need for progress has grown as a result of riots and civil unrest in the US and other countries. We at MFG are committed to the power of change and understand the value of diversity in ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives. We take a variety of steps against racial injustice and inequality, which we also consider.

These initiatives include promoting the acquisition, growth, and retention of diverse talent as well as making sure that various leaders are on the path to senior decision-making positions. We are reviewing the company's generosity and encouraging supplier diversity along with adherence to moral and human rights standards. As investors, we strive to affect positive change that enhances our clients' financial outcomes.

Diversity & Inclusion effort beyond MFG

In order to attract young, underrepresented talent, MFG partners with nonprofits like Girls Who Invest, Year Up, Cristo Rey Network, INROADS, and Investment 20/20 and has created the MC Sophomore Summer Leadership Program.


Regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, or gender identity, military status or veteran status, or any other condition, we at MFG want everyone to have the opportunity to succeed based on achievement. Why is this such a big deal? We feel better when we are part of inclusive, diverse groups that are enriched by individuals from various backgrounds. They assist us in coming up with better concepts, making more thoughtful choices, interacting with our communities, and assisting our clients in getting better outcomes.

Diversity in hiring

Utilize new hiring procedures that increase access for various people.

Accountability across the board

Create leaders who practice and promote inclusive behavior.

Development of multiple talents

Encourage a welcoming atmosphere where diverse talents can flourish.


We offer leadership development programs that are customized to meet the needs of each party because we believe in providing the best for all of our employees.

Program for career catalysts

The Catalyst Program is a six-month training course that gives participants the skills they need to manage their professional growth. Senior vice presidents, female vice presidents, and people of different races are all represented in the program.

Workshop for ERG leadership

The three areas of leadership development, style/vision, and strategic planning are the focus of the ERG Leadership Workshop, a one-day training event for the ERG leadership teams.

Council for women's leadership

The council's goal is to create a welcoming, diverse environment where women can advance in their leadership positions. The presence of officials, gravity, the strength of your voice, and communication about your commercial impact were all topics covered in earlier articles.

Taking responsibility at all levels

At MFG, we are steadfast in our commitment to encouraging a friendly atmosphere that will draw a diverse range of talented individuals. Therefore, we have made significant efforts to ensure that our staff is exemplary and dedicated to achieving the diversity and inclusion goals of MFG.

MFG staff is educated on gender equality

The MFG has established the Racial Justice & Discrimination Library, which gives MFG personnel documentation, references, and materials to start or improve their understanding of the historical and contemporary context in a crucial global anti-racism theme.

Making change

Our connected culture is reflected in our diversity and inclusion programs, and staff members are constantly considering how they can have a positive influence. Our executive committee and board of directors are both diverse, which sets the tone for our organization and helps us build and remove integration barriers.


The core of the MFG variability and inclusion effort is ERGs. Due to their division into categories and led by staff, they are incredibly effective at fostering the growth of partners from common non-representative groups and empowering their receptive partners. ERGs assist the company in growing its business and attracting, retaining, and developing MFG employees globally by informing and educating its workforce as well as interacting with its clients and communities.

MFG Asian

MFG Asians is dedicated to cultivating and exhibiting the leadership of its membership, exemplified throughout the organization by fostering a multicultural society that is inclusive to all.

MFG out

In order to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where LGBTQ + employees can grow and realize their full potential, MFG OUT promotes and supports the company's efforts to hire and retain members of the LGBTQ + community.

MFG veterans

MFG Veterans provides the community with its members and leadership that upholds our diversity and inclusion in order to increase awareness of issues affecting veterans.


Adelante is dedicated to raising awareness of the Hispanic-Latino community by leveraging cultural influence to foster individual professional development, foster teamwork, and create communication opportunities for its participants.


By encouraging the professional development of qualified Black people, which may include but is not limited to hiring, counseling, sponsoring, and professional development, the Black Employee Services Group (BERG) is dedicated to having a positive impact on the business.

Family issues

Family Matters provides pertinent advice, strategies, and communication opportunities to foster growing talent and support wholesome and enjoyable family relationships, in addition to supporting initiatives that enhance and celebrate family life and the cultural diversity of the company's diverse workforce.


Synergy is committed to creating an inclusive environment where women can take on more leadership responsibilities. Synergy works to promote a teaching culture that empowers and encourages women to advance in their careers through women-led programs.