Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in United Kingdom and Australia
Yes we are.
Marvefxgroup has well qualified and experienced traders who manages the crypto / forex market and makes good returns daily, not only that we also have the agricultural department which specializes the AGRO products And lives-stocks.
Payday is on saturdays
withdrawals last not more than 3 hours.
there are no specific days for withdrawal, withdrawal windows are open 24/7
Payday is on saturdays
yes there is an option for top up.
yes we do.
you can contact our support team either through WhatsApp or our support live chat, even still write to our contact mail for help.
yes you can always terminate your contract duration at anytime.
yes you can always terminate your contract duration at anytime.
the min deposit amount is 100USD
there are no hidden fees to pay after registration or in the future .
yes one member is entitled to maximum of 3 accounts.
after the available plans on our web, we also have the negotiable package which gives you the opportunity to bargain on the ROI which will be paid
yes we have a few trading accounts that are worth millions dollars and also negotiation joint accounts which are worth over 10million dollars and above.
you must have above $300000 to activate the negotiation plan .
we conduct trades only on weekdays, no trades are done during the weekend .
Marvefxgroup accepts cryptocurrencies alone as means of payment and withdrawal.
yes deposit windows are open at all time .
Yes, verification charge of 10% is paid when an investor wishes to switch from the compouding payment plan to the weekly payment plan after contract termination have been granted.
Withdrawals on the compounding plan can only be made at the end of your contract otherwise investors can terminate contract to be able to withdraw which attract 15% termination charge.

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